The Hardest Step

the hardest step in counselingThe moment when a person breaks through the stigma around counseling and chooses to reach out for help represents their ability to take the hardest step in recovery. This is a very important milestone. It is the moment when a person decides that their mental health and the mental health of those close to them is far more important than some flimsy sense of pride and misguided self preservation. Making the difficult decision to take the first step in reaching out for help demonstrates the person’s clarity, honesty and sense of responsibility.

A clear headed person is able to identify within themselves what the need for counseling is. Our misguided societal stigma tells us to bury and mask our need to reach out for help, but mental health professionals do not agree with how society approaches this matter at all. According to them, it is far more rational and dignified to seek counsel for the areas in your life that are not being properly managed. This prevents the collapse of self awareness and objectivity. Counselors esteem people for reaching out for help and praise the clarity they demonstrate by recognizing a legitimate need within themselves.

Honesty and responsibility are another set of virtues demonstrated by the courage of being vulnerable. The stigma around counseling would inform a person that they are low in personal character for needing counseling, when in fact, identifying that you need help shows remarkable honesty with one’s self, and a mature sense of responsibility in understanding that management of your problems is critical.

Taking the initial step in seeking counseling is considered to be the hardest part, even by mental health professionals. They commend people for going from a state of isolation with their problems to a state of sharing and openness about their problems. Regardless of what type of counseling is needed, be it relationship, family, addiction or alcoholism counseling, you will be praised for reaching out. When all is said and done, this is far healthier than the alternative.

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